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owl volcan barucrater volcan baru

We are now hiking the Volcan Baru.

The park was created in 1976.  Its territory covers 14,000 hectors.  The summit of the volcano reaches an altitude of 3,774 meters above sea level (12,381 feet); this is the highest point in the Republic of Panama.   On a clear sunny day both oceans and a good portion of eastern Panama can be seen from the peak of the Barú Volcano. 

The Park is watched over by park rangers of la Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (National Authority of Environment), who are placed in Alto Chiquero and Camiseta, in the district of Boquete; and in Respingo, and Los llanos de Volcan, in the area of Volcan.

Walk quietly
Walk carefully with safe steps
Avoid carrying a lot of items
Don’t wander off the path
It is prohibited to leave trash, including organics
Do not travel the path alone
If you have health problems, do not attempt the entire trip
Do not pick the flowers, or disturb the fauna
Bring bottled water and snacks

Volcán Barú Hiking Itinerary:

  • 6 a.m. Pick-up at your hotel
  • 45 minutes to reach the Volcán Barú's National Park Ranger Station.
  • 4 - 6 hours to reach the top of the Volcano
  • 1 - 2 hours to relax and have lunch  (you must bring your own lunch, snacks and water)
  • 3.5 to 5.5 hours to hike down the Volcano.
  • 45 minutes to drive back to your hotel in Boquete.

  • Wildlife at the Barú:
    There are  five cat species that live in Panama, with the puma or leon venado, one of the most numerous. Other mammals include the mouse (Rheomys underwood), the porcupine; and a large number of bat species including Artibeus aztecus and Lisiurus borealis.
  • Weather Conditions:
    At the Volcán Barú National Park you will encounter 6 different climate zones: humid mountain forest, low humid mountain forest (only place in Panama where it is found), low humid mountain rainforest, mountain rain forest, very humid low mountain forest and pre-mountain rain forest. Average annual temperatures vary between 20º C at 1800 meters, to under 10º C on the top of the volcano. The rainfall is less heavy on the lower slopes with an annual average of around 4,000 mm and in the highest points over 6,000 mm
  • This trip should not be attempted if you have any physical injury, or you have never climbed for 8-12 hours in a high altitude.

For more information or to book this tour please e-mail or call us directly:

or call 6627-8829 area code 507 in Panama.


Price: $75 per person, minimum of 2 people



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