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Best of Panama Coffee, Boquete Fair

If your preferred daily fix is a cup of coffee, the Boquete is the place to be this week, as judges from around the world evaluate “The Best of Panama.”

Twenty-four producers  from Volcan, Boquete and Renamiento will be parading their their best lots in  a year when the volume of production has been devastated by heavy rain.

The XVth  The Best of Panama,  event started Wednesday April 6, at the International Exhibition of Flowers and Coffee in Boquete, and will continue through Saturday.

There are  two categories: coffees washed and processed with honey, and natural coffee with  29 lots of high quality specialty and seven natural coffees that will be evaluated by 16 judges from Norway, Japan, Taiwan, the USA and Costa Rica.

Currently Panama holds the record for producing the best geisha coffee in the world, with prices reaching over $170 a pound last year,  leading to prices in some exclusive cafes in other countries of up to $40 a cup.

With smaller crops this year, the  $170 level is expected to be surpassed

Horseback Riding in the Mountains of Boquete

Hit the trail on our new riding adventure.


Most of the horseback riding in the highlands of Boquete actually takes place in Caldera--a 40+ minute ride from Boquete, and a much hotter climate. Our new adventure is only a short jeep ride up the mountain side to our farm. There you will saddle up and head out along the top of the mountain ridge, with views of the Volcan Baru, Pacific, and the valley of Boquete. Enjoy the views and the lush rainforest filled with butterflies and birds that have made Boquete famous as a 'birding' destination.


You can also add a Coffee Tasting to this 1/2 day tour, our favorite Coffee Estate is just around the corner.


click to go to: The Horses in the Mountains


Hongoaventuras” en Isla Galeta: Exploracion cientificaía traves del manglar

Expositores: Almunosdel Colegio Ebenezer y Becarios “James Currie” 2010


Los hongos son seres vivos fascinantes y enigmáticos. Las formas de hongos que conocemos en el planeta van desde minúsculas levaduras, utilizadas en la industria cervecera, hasta macrohongos que observamos con facilidad en un bosque tropical. Sin embargo,poco se conoce sobre su diversidad y, especialmente, sobre las condiciones ambientales que los hacen prosperar.

Seis estudiantes y dos profesores del Colegio Ebenezer de la provinciade Colón se preguntaron si existía mayor diversidad de hongos en los bosques húmodos o en los bosques de manglares que rodean el paisaje protegido de Isla Galeta.

Los resultados de esta investigación revelaron la presencia de 20 especies de hongos en los manglares y 100 en bosques húmedos adyacentes a Punta Galet. ¡Nunca se es demasiado joven para realizar investigación científica!


Fecha: jueves 24 de junio de 2010
Hora: 7:00 p.m.
Lugar: Hotel Meliá Panamá Canal
Transporte desde el Centro Regional Universitario
de Colón y entrada: Gratis


Dr. Stanley Heckadon - Moreno
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